Our Elephants

Elephants are amongst the strongest yet most loving animals in the world. They are considered to be highly sociable, intelligent and sensitive. They form close bonds with one another, and work as a team to gather resources and rear their calves. Elephants can teach us about how to be a successful community, to live harmoniously together, to co-operate, value women and respect our elders.

Elephants are a symbol of Bolton; they feature on Bolton’s coat of arms. The elephant and castle used to be used as a quality seal for cotton produced in in the town. They are also a symbol of India, where many people who live in Bolton have roots.

Each of these elephants was made by a member of the public, and come from all round Bolton and beyond. They are all different, as they have been designed to represent the individual who made them.

The Wandering Elephants are just a few of many hundreds that we received. All the elephants have been on display at All Souls until the first batch of Wandering Elephants began their journey in September 2015.

Thanks to all those who made an elephant, and to Joy Kilpatrick from Café Create, for co-ordinating the making of these elephants and supporting their journey.