Bob Bob likes bright colours and parties. He is a sensitive soul who feels the pain of others very keenly. Bob once trod on a cat and nursed it back to health, day and night.

Bob was checked in by Rachel at Bolton, UK on October 2nd, 2015 14:33


Bob's Story

Bob was very excited to begin his adventure, traveling from All Souls in Bolton to the Churches Conservation Trust’s region office in Cambridge. He had heard so much about the CCT, and he wanted to set off to learn more about the Trust. Before entering the office, being very fond of bright colours, Bob couldn’t help but stop to admire the lovely pink flowers in the church yard! Bob knocked on the door of the CCT office rather shyly at first, as he didn’t want to disturb the people inside, who seemed to be working very hard. But the team were really please to see him, welcoming him in, and gave him a cup of tea. Bob was glad for the drink, as he’s had a long journey. ‘Where’s Norwich?’ he asked, having noticed the name on his mug. ‘It’s in Norfolk, which is one of the counties the SE team covers’. Bob was most interested, and so the team showed him the map of the region. ‘Goodness, what a lot of churches you look after!’ said Bob. The team explained that they were one of three regions in the CCT, and all together they look after 347 beautiful historic churches around England. ‘How wonderful!’ said Bob ‘I would love to visit the other regions and meet the other teams’. So look out CCT, Bob is on his way!

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About Bob's Keeper

I am a Regeneration Officer at the CCT, and I helped with the All Souls Bolton project. I like running and playing basketball, and eating cake. My favourite thing is spending time with friends and family, and playing with my brother's dog Stimpy.