Nelly Nelly wishes she had wings. She doesn't mind being an elephant but would really rather be a ladybird.

Nelly was checked in by Karen Graham at on July 26th, 2016 06:38


Nelly's Story

Nelly would like to take this opportunity to apologise for being such a lazy elephant and a bad correspondent. The time that she has spent on the Greek island of Tilos has lulled her into lethargy. "Tilos is so laid back that one cannot help laying back with it!" says Nelly. She actually came to Tilos with the hope of volunteering her services to the refugees, but it seems like, as soon as Nelly arrived the situation for the refugees changed and they stopped arriving to Tilos. A shame because she was hoping to go and spend some time with a refugee family when her time on Tilos was coming to an end. Her keepers know many refugees who are now living in Europe but, after long talks on the subject with Nelly, we decided that the refugees had too many problems settling into their new homes, and too many serious worries about their families back in Syria, to be ready to receive Nelly as a guest. Therefore, she has decided to return to her previous keeper who is in touch with more people who will appreciate Nelly's services. She has, however, been on several adventures on Tilos in between long periods of sleep! So, now Nellie will bid farewell to current keeper and look forward to whatever other adventures are in store for her.......

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